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Traid Music Group was established with one mission only, and that's to have every human being on the face of the earth entertained. We believe music is a powerful force that is capable of transforming lives by creating unforgettable experiences for the listener¬†  


At Traid Music Group, we know that music can be very subjective and people can be very opinionated when it come to what good music is, not to mention the frustrating politics that comes along with it. Unfortunately though, this politics results in a lot of gifted musicians going unnoticed and eventually dying with their talent. Subsequently, we the audience get to miss out on what could have been. TMG's purpose is to completely eradicate this unproductive approach by giving every gifted artist a chance to shine and be heard anywhere in the world.


Traid Music Group will always favour quality over quantity. We don't believe in mass production of phonographic materials if the listener is only gong to play a particular song over and over again simply because its the hit single. We want to create records where every song in the album has the potential to be a single record and able to stand out of the mix. This is why we take our time in putting records to market as we believe the listener deserves the highest possible quality of entertainment.

Did you know... Music therapy is the clinical use of music or music-making to assist the physical, spiritual, cognitive, or social needs of individual patients or groups? Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine 
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Accelerated Path to Success

We know nothing comes easy and sometimes hard work can beat talent. However, at Traid Music Group, we care about our artists and their craft. We live and breathe the music they create. Otherwise, why else would we spend our time, energy and resources producing them? Traid Music Group's innovative and strategic positioning in the marketplace naturally creates opportunities for our artists to be successful and to enjoy longevity in their career.


A very honest and heart-felt performance by the multi-talented artist, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur himself. Traidmarc really showed what honesty and vulnerability can do in a song. In this track, he opens up about some very personal and deep emotions and reveals his soft side. Soulmate is a song about finding love and the struggles that comes along with it. Take a listen.

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